School Lunch in Liberia

Gardens Combatting Hunger


FMFM's team visited Liberia and met with our partners, Humanity Care Liberia, in January 2017 to learn about the challenges facing schoolchildren in the region. Together, we found that the schools in the region are unable to provide meals to the children during the school day - resulting in hungry children and truancy. Humanity Care Liberia is led by a local couple, with degrees in agriculture and experience working with local communities to teach them about sustainable agriculture. They've generously donated a plot of land that could be used to grow cassava crop to feed the children.  

our role

Feeding Mouths, Filling Minds is raising funds to cover the cost of getting the plot of land ready for farming. This includes:

  • Fencing to keep the land secure from scavengers

  • Farming tools such as shovels, buckets, rakes, etc.

  • Cassava root yuccas for planting the crop

  • Farm upkeep and maintenance costs

Our team will work with Humanity Care Liberia to assess the farming options, and will assure that the schoolchildren have a chance to learn about the growing process so that they not only benefit nutritionally, but learn something in the process.