Sustainable Farming & Higher Education in Sierra Leone

Status: Fundraising
Fundraising Goal: $5,000

Project 1808 is a non-profit organization bringing higher education to the most isolated districts of Sierra Leone. In 2017, Project 1808 is bringing the first higher education institute to the Koinadugu District of Sierra Leone - giving these young people the opportunity of a lifetime. Among other things, the university will offer education in agriculture - an important field in developing nations. The university will need to sustain itself, and one way it can do so is by growing revenue-generating crops on its own land. This farmland will serve as a classroom for youth, a job site for those tending the land, a source of healthy food for the children attending school and a source of income for the university in the long-term.

Our role

Feeding Mouths, Filling Minds is helping to guide the planning for the garden project be sure the project is secure and sustainable for the long term. This means assessing the land in-person with members of our team, carefully selecting trustworthy partners to oversee the development and providing funding. Crops that we're exploring to grow on the land include cucumber, casava root, Irish potato and more.

Project funding covers the cost of:

  • Fencing that will protect the crop from theft and passing wildlife
  • Basic tools for tending land and crops, including shovels, rakes, storage containers, gloves, bags, buckets, etc.
  • Seeds rainy and dry season crops
  • Labor costs for initial build of fencing and garden tending before university opens