How We Fight Childhood Hunger

After years of consistently traveling internationally and participating in service projects domestic and abroad, Maria & Grant Groves saw too many children without access to quality food and water supply. Though they met community leaders who had a desire to make improvements - some even owned the land to do so - they just didn't know how to go about developing a sustainable water or food source. Others still had the vision, but not the initial funds to make it a reality. Maria and Grant made it their mission to help!

In 2012, the couple, with the help of friends and family, launched Feeding Mouths, Filling Minds. Our organization partners with orphanages and schools helping crystallize a vision toward water and food sustainability. From there, FMFM helps fund initial projects ensuring the local community can develop and maintain them. 

Our team is diligent about making sure the organizations we support are trusted and effective in making an impact in helping children flourish! We take time to evaluate organizations' leadership and their commitment to the project vision and goals. We also analyze project costs and outcomes, and inspect the project after development. FMFM forges partnerships with other like-minded non profits in order to maximize impact in children in the communities we serve.

What We've Achieved

Since 2012, FMFM has helped to improve access to food and water for a number of communities, families and children. By helping to satisfy these basic physiological needs, many children have been able to turn their attention to filling their minds rather than worrying about filling their bellies.