Create Your Own FMFM Fundraiser

Anyone can create mini fundraisers for projects that FMFM supports. People like you inspire us and others to make our world a better place. Here, you can find some ideas that allow you to make a difference. Some mini-fundraiser ideas include:


start a school project

Work with FMFM to undertake a humanitarian project for your class or school. We'll match you with a project to build a well or water harvesting systems for a fellow school in Rwanda, Sierra Leone or Liberia. What's more, students have the opportunity to connect directly with students in the schools you're helping. Learn more about this unique opportunity on our school projects page.


In lieu of gifts, ask your guests for donations to an FMFM project. You can teach your guests about the area in need, play traditional music, plan activities that help people understand the challenges the children face, such as carrying water, or make food that is traditional to the area.


Go to and select Feeding Mouths Filling Minds when prompted to choose the charitable organization. The only difference with AmazonSmile is that when you make eligible purchases, Amazon donates 0.5% of the price to FMFM. Then, choose to shop on every time you shop.



Create a personal fundraising page on or Facebook and create a virtual event. Invite friends and family to donate the cost of what they spend on food in a day to your fundraising page. You can also fast for that day and ask people to fast with you. Your team can rally around each other on social media throughout the day.

Get your community involved in raising funds for a project you are passionate about supporting.

Neighborhood Yard or Bake Sale

Simply sharing our messages can help raise awareness to more people. And the more people know about our projects, the greater impact we can make.


A little change can go a long way. You and your family can save spare change or allowances throughout the year. You and your kids can explore the geography, traditions and challenges. Your kids can also learn about saving and feel the satisfaction of giving to others.