Youth Humanitarian Projects

Our special Global Students projects match schools, classrooms, youth groups and other organizations with projects in Africa that benefit children like them.

Water projects may include fully funding a well or rainwater harvesting project in rural Africa. A typical well cost ranges from $3,000 to $5,500. Funding a well makes an incredible impact and completely changes the lives of so many people. 

Food projects may include purchasing cows for milk sources, chickens for eggs, along with buying their feed and giving them a secure home. 

Students work to brainstorm how they want to go about raising the funds (some great ideas can be found on our website here); and we connect them with a well-matched project and organization in places like Sierra Leone, Liberia and Rwanda.

There are so many learning opportunities involved in a project like this:

  • History and geography lessons on the country they're working with

  • Science, environmental and physics lessons on well-building, agriculture and water

  • Economic and cultural lessons on the community they're impacting

What's more, students have the opportunity to connect directly with students in the schools they're helping - through letter- and e-mail writing, or even video chats. Read about a well project in Liberia funded by a Madison-area high school class with our partner, Strides for Africa, here. 

If your school, classroom, youth group or organization is interested in starting a Kids for Kids well-building project, get in touch with us to set up a meeting! Fill out the form below, and let's get started!

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youth project partners

We've established strategic partnerships with a number of reputable nonprofit organizations with connections to orphanages, communities and schools around the world for our Kids for Kids projects.

Strides for africa

A Madison-based nonprofit that organizes 5K runs, with proceeds benefiting the build of wells in Africa. 

live life liberia

A Liberian nonprofit, run by natives David and Lucy Kiamu, that builds wells for needy communities with a focus on utilizing trusted, reliable local engineers and resources.

project 1808

A Madison-based nonprofit dedicated to improving communities through school, university, and community projects and global partnerships in Sierra Leone.

rwandan orphans project

A center for Rwandan street children that focuses on reconnecting families to create stronger Rwandan communities.